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Good Morning!  Happy Friday!  Next week is graduation!  Congratulations to all your siblings who are graduating.   

5th Grade - Most of you should be finishing up your Math Instruction book (white) and only have gray pages in your workbooks to do.  I would like you to do every other problem on the front and on the back of a page every day.  I'm posting the answers in the Math Folder for the week.  6th Grade - You may also do every other problem on each page of your workbook.  If you want to do them all, you may.  I will have the answers on the website.   

Everyone, Please turn in all books  (work that I haven't seen) by June 12th.  If you'd like to continue finishing the gray pages, just rip them out and return what's left of the book to Dr. Magnuson.  As for Reading, you should be all done, and can turn your books in.  (Both the hardcover and the workbooks are to be turned in to Dr. Magnuson in order to receive your grade reports, yearbooks if you purchased one, and you may pick up any personal items left at school.  Please continue to do Freckle lessons, Khan Academy Practice, and read for 30 minutes each day.  


I posted all three "Star Gazer Lab Projects" on video links in the Science folder.  Check them out, if you have any questions you can  email me.  Have a great week!

Your soybean should be finally starting to grow, check out the video links of my bean's growth each day.   Read the article about Henry Ford, and the Soybean Pamphlet.  Then watch the video for the Project and begin.    See video link in Science  :-)

Good Afternoon everyone, 

I just wanted to announce that you may order yearbooks if you'd like.  We are currently taking orders now.  Please submit the attached form.  Thanks!

Please continue working day by day, and take the quizzes that are in your packets that were picked up at school.   Please drop off or take pictures of any completed work and email them to me at  I love and miss you all and want you to be successful.  You can find all of your assignments by clicking the link in the Math and Reading folders.  :-)

Sincerely, Mrs. Breitner  

To encourage our students to participate in this, I'm offering a full week of jeans passes for everyone who brings in a 5-week daily journal in one form or another when we return (whenever that may be).   

Please take care of yourselves and try your best to do your assignments.  If you have any questions, please email or Dojo message me.  You may reach me at or on classdojo or call 734-854-5437.