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New Bedford Academy is a tuition-free, public school that has been setting the standard for education since its formation in 1999. Reauthorized through 2024 by Ferris State University, NBA is devoted to ensuring students’ success and works towards providing higher academic standards and expectations for behavior. Our excellent staff from certified and “Highly Qualified” teachers to support staff allow us to focus on individualized instruction and set standards for expected behaviors across all grade levels. We meet or surpass all state requirements for curriculum, offering advanced classes as well as a supportive environment characterized by committed parents, dedicated staff, and challenged students- making NBA the best choice for your child's academic success.


Multi-Age Concept Learning
At New Bedford Academy, we educate grades K-8. we use a Multi-age Concept Learning Approach to educate within the academy. Students’ needs are met, and growth is obtained through MULTI-AGE groupings, whied “Learning Families” and “Teams”. Students are afforded the opportunity to develop at their own rate, tutor others, and interact with students of different ages. They will have opportunities to collaborate on areas of central study, yet still have smaller group time to work on various skill-based areas. Students excel academically through a collaborative partnership between the teachers, students, parents, and the community.
Educational Partners
New Bedford is affiliated with Educational Partners Incorporated. Below is a link to learn more about our partnership.  Click the link to learn more!

Educational Partners Inc.

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