About Us

New Bedford Academy was formed May 8, 1999. July 1, 2019, the Academy was reauthorized through 2024 by Ferris State University. 


New Bedford Academy is a tuition-free, public school academy. We have established standards and values that not only set it apart from surrounding public schools, but also sets the measure of success high among its peers.  Our school’s priorities, program, personnel, and people set us apart as the best choice for any student’s academic success.


At NBA, the students are our top priority, with individualized instruction and high expectations for behavior. 

Our school surpasses all State requirements for curriculum, offering advanced classes at every grade level.  Our teachers are certified, and “Highly Qualified” and they work tirelessly to insure that each child is successful.

The key to our success that goes beyond state assessments and expectations is the caliber of our people.  Nowhere else has such a community of committed parents, dedicated staff, and students, challenged to succeed, come together to create the unique environment we all enjoy at New Bedford Academy.    


Come in today for a tour and see what New Bedford Academy is all about!

New Bedford Academy                                    New Bedford Academy