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Welcome to Dr. Magnuson's Newsletter,

Magnuson's Megaphone!


It's that time of year again when families make decisions about where to send their children this upcoming school year! Here's some information about our neighborhood charter school, and we hope you'll take a moment to consider the options for your child.

  • We are your FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SCHOOL, reaching out to create relationships with families, organizations, and businesses in the area. Small class sizes means your child won't fall through the cracks, get lost in the crowd, or fall behind or get bored with academics.
  • NBA serves kids from YOUNG 5s (TURN 5 BY DEC.1) THROUGH 8th GRADE. 
  • As a public school academy, New Bedford is TUITION-FREE and open to ALL Michigan residents.
  • We have DOOR TO DOOR BUSING for students living in Bedford, and bus stops for those living outside the perimeter.
  • Our school is CLEAN AND SAFE, with policies and procedures in place to keep it that way.
  • We've grown our kids into ACADEMIC MASTERY in both ELA and Math, despite the unusual teaching environment this year.
  • We will continue to offer 100% LIVE VIRTUAL instruction online this year, along with 100% IN-PERSON instruction, to ensure that all of our students remain a vital part of our learning community.
  • Additionally, we will continue to provide HANDS-ON LEARNING MATERIALS, textbooks, practice books, and projects to keep students interacting physically with the content.
  • CHROMEBOOKS will again be assigned to students to help with research, projects, individual assignments, and written assignments. This technology also helps meet students' individualized needs with special programs, apps, and platforms. 
  • We expect to open our LATCHKEY PROGRAM back up to registered families this upcoming school year, as long as we are not prohibited by the local DHHS or other local authorities.
  • We will offer AFTER SCHOOL INSTRUCTION for most of the school year to keep students at grade level and to catch up those who may have fallen behind.
  • This year we'll be offering a ROBOTICS CLUB in addition to our standard after school clubs, and will re-establish our DRAMA CLUB (as long as we are not prohibited by the spread of COVID-19 and its variants in the local community).

Come join us for a virtual tour online, or CALL US TO SCHEDULE AN IN-PERSON TOUR.

Kindergarten Round-up is also available online as a virtual tour, or you can schedule an in-person tour. 

Give us a call today at 734-854 KIDS today and see what we have to offer your child this upcoming school year!!